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Here's how to designate your road as scenic to give protection to the mature trees and the historic stone walls

in the 'right of way.'

1. Ensure that your road is public (not a private way).

2.  Download a copy of the Scenic Road Petition by clicking on the green button below. 

3.  Get 36 signatures of registered Cohasset voters, including at least 18 who live on the road being designated.  (Note, only 30 signatures in total are actually needed-- 15 from the road in question and 15 from anywhere in town--but extras are recommended to protect against problems with illegible signatures or unregistered voters)

4.  Present the completed petition to the Planning Board, 41 Highland Ave, Cohasset MA 02025.

5.  The Planning Board will then schedule a hearing that enables the petition to be placed on the next Town Meeting.   At that Town Meeting, the road will then be put up to a vote to receive Scenic Road designation.