This photo, taken in September  2017, shows a previously wooded lot on Jerusalem Road that was recently clear cut, including all vegetation and an estimated 30-40 mature trees.

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The August 2017 Land Alteration Management Bylaw is a general bylaw that promotes sound planning and responsible land development.  Its intent is to limit clear cutting of trees and the extreme modification of undeveloped lots that have no man-made structures.   

If a party wants to develop a lot to 1) add a building, 2) regrade, 3) remove rock ledge above two feet or 4) clear and reduce the ground vegetation and trees down to 2 inches or less, he or she will have to obtain a Site Alteration Permit from the Planning Board.

This law:

  • Requires thoughtful land development and improved site planning processes to conform a building better to the land;
  • Encourages preservation of practical existing trees and vegetation and protection of land from damage during site development;
  • Prevents erosion and sedimentation, and better controls water runoff;
  •  Thwarts fragmentation of wildlife habitat and loss of vegetation;
  • Helps retain the physical town characteristics and limits how much developers can alter these valued features (like rock ledge).

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