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Who we are and what we believe:

Recent developments in town -- including the clear cutting of multiple wooded lots, large scale blasting of rock ledge, enormous houses being built on small lots , and proposed development in environmentally sensitive areas -- have alarmed many citizens. 

In fact, much has changed in the years since Cohasset embarked on developing a Master Plan  and an Open Space Plan, including the expansion of the sewer system into residential districts and an inflation in property values which increased pressure to build large houses on increasingly expensive land.

We believe that in order to protect our town's character and environment, we must be forward thinking in our zoning policies and practices, to make the common sense changes that will bring our zoning more in line with policies in towns like Norwell, Duxbury and Wellesley.

Since our formation, CCF has helped to shape 2 important laws in town, including a Scenic Road Bylaw and the amendment of our Large Home Review Process. 

There remains one important revision to existing law that we would like to see enacted:

 Prevent clear cutting and large scale removal of rock ledge.  We want to ensure that the earth removal bylaws address changes in grade, clearing and drainage, and that wholesale clear cutting of trees is not permitted.  Additionally, we want to ensure  that massive blasting of our characteristic rock ledge is prohibited without a special permit.  Our current bylaws do not adequately address this issue, as the photo above clearly demonstrates.  

We have written a proposed  law that addresses undeveloped land only.  Our hope is that this law will be put forward for a vote for Spring 2018 Town Meeting.


The town has spoken!

A survey of Cohasset residents (with respect to their priorities for the town's future) showed an overwhelming consensus.

The #1 concern of residents?  To preserve the character of Cohasset.