Success on Scenic Roads.

We have recently submitted completed petitions to designate four roads in Cohasset as "scenic":  Jerusalem, Atlantic, Nichols and South Main Street.

To designate your road, click contact us and we can help!

We are committed to ensuring that our future

does not look

like this. All of the trees on this previously wooded property were chopped down.  None  were spared.

Proportionate Housing:  

​Congratulations!  Large Home Review passed at the latest town meeting.  Our Planning Board--and neighbors-- will now have more  input into new construction in town.

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Doctrine of Merger:  In April 2017, the Supreme Court upheld this important doctrine (Murr vs. Wisconsin).  It restricts building on 'merged' and irregular lots.  In short, it means that merged lots should comply with current zoning, and not be 'grandfathered' to an earlier time with less strict zoning rules. It is a principle that most towns in Massachusetts abide by--but not Cohasset.   Why?

Why is our town allowing new, large houses to be squeezed onto merged lots? What will Nichols Road look like in the very near future? Will new houses be built on more front lawns, side gardens or formerly open space?  If this concerns, you, please contact your elected officials.