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We are committed to ensuring that our future

does not look

like this. All of the trees on this previously wooded property were chopped down.  None  were spared.

Success on Scenic Roads.

We have recently submitted completed petitions to designate four roads in Cohasset as "scenic":  Jerusalem, Atlantic, Nichols and South Main Street.

To designate your road, click contact us and we can help!

It's up to our elected officials!

The widespread practice of clear cutting trees makes more profit for builders while permanently harming the character of our town and its environment.  There is a better way and we ask our elected officials to act.

We have written a law that protects your neighborhoods while still giving builders the freedom to build large, beautiful homes.  Other towns have had these laws on the books for generations.   Please click on "Let's end clear cutting" to see the proposal we have forwarded to our Selectmen..

Proportionate Housing:  

​We have a proposal to greatly improve the rules regarding what size home can be built on a given lot.  

We have forwarded this proposed law to the Selectmen to act.

For more information on this initiative, 

please click here: