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A community group dedicated to preserving Cohasset's environment, beauty, and character for future generations. 

We are committed to ensuring that our future

does not look like these photos below.   

All of the trees on this previously wooded property were chopped down.  None  were spared.

We need your vote December 10th! 

At Town Meeting, there will be a vote to designate five Cohasset roads as 'scenic.'  This will give some protection to trees and historic stone walls along the roadside.   The roads under consideration are:  Atlantic Ave, Jerusalem Rd, Nichols Rd, S. Main St & Beach St. 

Please help us protect our town!  Attend Town Meeting on Dec. 10 at 7pm at Cohasset Middle High School.  Vote yes on Article 5.

Proportionate Housing:  


Large Home Review passed at the May

2018 town meeting. 

Our Planning Board--and neighbors-- will now have more  input into new construction in town.